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    At Pizza Workshop, we offer four classic and four seasonal sourdough pizzas (and one or two specials). It’s not some dastardly plot to rid the world of choice. More a belief in putting all our energy into crafting one thing the best we possibly can


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    Our menu, four classic and four seasonal pizzas (and one or two specials). You can also customise your own with a range of high-quality toppings. These are available to eat in, boxed to go or delivered to your home.

    Our pizzas are a true labour of love! They are made from a 100% sourdough base with no added yeast, slowly risen over 30 hours, resulting in an incredibly light and delicious dough. Each one is topped with our home-made tomato sauce using the very best, crushed San Marzano tomatoes, finest Italian cheeses and extra virgin olive oil.

    Read our complete menu here.


    We call them “Boccas” but in essence they are a pizza sandwich, made from our sourdough, baked in the oven and served piping hot and oozing with cheese (and other delicious ingredients). A bit like panini but SO much better! We only serve them during the day and they are perfect for eating on the move (or even better with a cold beer in Pizza Workshop).

    Read our complete menu here.

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    We offer a smaller pizza for children and also tea-time meal deals. We will be launching a Kids Club in 2016 with the aim of engaging children in the fun of pizza making and understanding the importance of good quality food. Details will be available here soon.

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  • FAQS

    Do you take bookings ?

    Yes, we take bookings 7 days a week. Please telephone us on 0117 966 9890 to make your reservation, or BOOK ONLINE NOW.

    Do you do take away ?

    Yes, we do.   Please either call us with your order ahead of collection, or drop in and wait.   It won’t take long to cook and we will immediately box it up for you to take away.

    Do you deliver ?

    Yes we do. We have partnered with Deliveroo so that you can now enjoy our pizzas without leaving the comfort of your own home. Please click here to place your order

    Do you do gluten free Pizza

    Yes. After searching high and low, we have finally found a high quality, gluten-free base that can withstand the temperature of our very hot oven.

    Please be aware that whilst our gluten-free pizza is prepared in a separate area from our sourdough pizza, they do share the same oven and therefore we cannot absolutely guarantee that it is 100% free from all gluten.

    Please note that many people who are gluten-sensitive but not intolerant find that sourdough does not trigger a reaction.