It’s hard to beat the delicious taste and texture of a homemade sausage. So we thought you might like to know that at Pizza Workshop, we do just that. Yep, we make them all of our sausages ourselves. Our Italian sausage (or salsiccia they call it in Italy) is a heavenly blend of pork, fennel, garlic and red wine. It’s delicious on its own or on top of a pizza.

We also make merguez sausages. Ok, so merguez is not Italian but it is delicious and it works a treat in our famous lunchtime Bocca (best seller number 1). If you haven’t come across merguez before, it’s a lamb sausage, heavily spiced with garlic, chilli and cumin.

Oh and for those of you who aren’t a fan of meat, we also offer a meat-free vegan fennel sausage.