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  • The beauty of pizza…

    …is it’s communal by nature. Perfect for gatherings and get-togethers. So, hosting children’s parties at our restaurant and catering events out in the real world feels like a natural extension of what we do.

    But we want to share more than just our creations. Because wonderful pizza is something everyone can learn to make (with the right teacher) our regular in-house pizza making courses help people to achieve just that. And, hopefully, have some fun in the process.

    Find out more below, and if you’d like to talk anything through, please get in touch:


    T: 0117 966 9890

  • Children’s parties (which adults can also enjoy)

    Finding somewhere to have a children’s party where adults won’t spend the whole time checking their watches isn’t easy. We like to think we offer the right balance: food, drink and activities kids love, in an environment that adults can relax (between wiping noses and loo trips).

    We‘ve space for 8-15 children at a time – usually between the ages of 5 and 10 – with each party lasting around two hours. For £11.95 per child, each partygoer:

    * Wears a PW branded apron and chef’s hat
    * Designs their own pizza on one of our pizza boxes
    * Makes their pizza from fresh ingredients
    * Eats the pizza they made, followed by ice cream or frozen yoghurt
    * Drinks as much squash as they (and their bladder) can handle.

    As a nice alternative to party bags, our kids’ aprons are available to buy for £5.50.

  • All the ingredients for a great day

    Whether it’s a company away-day or a birthday celebration, our special brand of sourdough pizza can help to make the event more memorable.

    We’re happy to cater for any event that requires 20+ pizzas. We’ll deliver them to your venue at an agreed time and include a 10% discount on the order.

    So far, we’ve taken over 50 pizzas up to the Clifton Downs, 40 to Bristol Temple Meads Train Station and 40 to a boat on the harbourside.

  • One thing. Made Well. By you.

    Join one of our courses and you’ll discover how to make real sourdough pizza under the instruction of our Master Pizza Maker, with tips on creating beautiful pizza at home.

    During the evening you’ll learn the art of dough making and stretching, choose your own toppings from our selection of fresh ingredients, and cook your pizza in our specialist oven. Then it’s time to sit back and enjoy your creation with a glass of wine.

    With space for up to 12 people, it’s ideal for groups of colleagues who want to enjoy a team building exercise (it stings less than paintball) and groups of friends craving a bit of food and fun.

    From time to time, we also run courses for individuals and couples to attend – keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter.